Laying the Axe to the Tree

Laying the Axe to the Tree

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In a dream I saw a man with a crow bar. He was running on about all the bad things happening in our world today and how our government wasnít doing a thing about it, and seemed instead to encourage those things. In his opinion, the government was purposely destroying the foundations of our society, and there was little we could do about it except, like him, wring our hands. He was half sitting back, reclined on an easy location, and lazily popping pieces of bark off a large tree that was in front of him. He was being rather aimless and absent minded about it, as if it had not occurred to him that he may be harming the tree. The tree had a huge swath of inner and outer bark peeled and chopped off of it, enough to make anyone taking a momentís notice wonder whether the tree could survive. But this dim-wit just kept rambling on about things that were going wrong in our nation and around the world. Meanwhile, he continued to strip the bark off the tree with no concern that he was killing it.

Of lesser consequence, maybe, to the whole scheme of this dream, were some of the things about which this fellow was complaining. Some high-up appointed official in the current administration (not sure what administration that was) was about to become the prime minister (or other official head) of some middle-eastern nation (not Israel, but some Arab nation), whose name I donít remember. That official was apparently maintaining dual citizenship and using his influences across both nations to break down national sovereignty in the US.

Then, he was complaining about how some other high ranking official of our government was being deported to another middle-east country. That person had apparently been tried and found guilty of violating their laws and was now being extradited to that country, where they were going to execute him, at our behest. There was a name for this person in the dream but I donít remember it now. I had a name in the dream, but on waking it was gone from me.

Meanwhile, this fellow just kept rambling on about how bad things were and how the government should do something about it, all the while he kept laying the proverbial axe (or crow-bar in this case) to the tree.


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