Pies and Vodka

Pies and Vodka

Copyright © September 1, 2014 by Douglas W. Jerving.

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I didn't think you drank,
But now you’ve drunk the 'ka
Reserved to serve the pie
For crust, the apple hoped,
Lest cidar it had feared
Be made it, before planned,
Or apple vodka mixed.

A ‘twixt or in between
Fall's summer end and then
Fall's winter warming glass
When summer sun has shown
Her pies upon the sill
(The apples now a still).

Like, redeemed, my berries,
Black, and Red or Boysen,
Into the vodka bath
Like marinated meats
But tossed, their marinade
Is better for the soul
Before the chill’s waylay
Reminding at their end
Of bitter snows and cold
(Pies ‘gainst cannot defend),
Next Spring is on her way.


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