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Written for my first beautiful daughter in the year of her birth.
First published in the year of her engagement to be married.
The poem is unedited. It remains as it was written.
Happy Birthday Rachel!

Playing with my Daddy
I’m playing night and day!
Bopping in my playpen
Until I hit the hay.

Life is just so easy
And life is quite okay
Just playing with my toys
Every single day.

‘Cause I am just a baby
And Rachel is my name
Until I get bigger
Life will be just a game.

Sometime I’ll see Grandma.
I’ll show her all my toys
She’ll know my life is simple
Its all a baby’s joys.

Grandma then will hug me
And Grandpa maybe too.
Probably when you see me
Then so will all of you.

‘Cause I am just a baby
And Rachel is my name
I’ll be growing up soon
But playing’s still my game.

(For now, any way!)

First publication 030213 -DJ


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