010613 Prophesy for the American Church

010613 Prophesy for the American Church
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010613 Prophesy for the American Church

Prophesy for America, the year 2013. Not the End of the World.

I dreamed last night of horrible things that I know have had power over me for years. But I found myself on the cross with Jesus, even though still in the terrible horrors of darkness before death. Still, when I cried out to God for the mercy found in Jesus' death, He delivered me. I awoke in a cold sweat, but assured that my prayers were answered. And a determination to serve God and put away all the idols of my past. And a greater love still for my dear Lord and Savior Jesus.

Again, I dreamed of walking down a road and passing congregations of Christians worshiping and fellow-shipping with one another, all who knew me, but none who wanted to acknowledge me or my wife Patty who was with me, as if they did not know me. When we stopped in our own house, they were still there. In our own house!! The elders condemned us for sins that could not be substantiated from the Word of God and they were silenced by their own misunderstanding of the Word of God. But their children greeted us with favor and love and without condemnation. The Spirit of the Lord was in their children's faces: love and compassion, understanding and forgiveness, grace and truth.

A new spirit I give unto you, young and old, that you may be healed; and that you might return to the God of your youth. The Spirit of Truth, but also of praise and worship. Terrors are coming to you from without. The leaders are about to sell you as sheep for the slaughter, and many are causing you to take arms of the flesh even against your brothers and sisters. Coffins are prepared and bullets made ready to destroy my people. But the word of God shall prevail mightily without ever lifting a sword. The blood of martyrs will testify strong against that evil and will prevail. But only a remnant will survive. Read Isaiah, it will be like he said for his times, so for you. The Remnant shall return and build the house of the Lord.

Your ease shall soon ease away
And cold dawn break into day
The shelter of your commune fade.

I will not go beyond what the Word of the Lord is, and He has not given me more than this: that it is time, Church, to seek the Lord and be hid in His secret place. Again, Isaiah reminded us and them that a Remnant shall return. Prepare ye the way of the Lord.


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