To Demetrius

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To Demetrius

September 1991.
Copyright © 2011 Douglas W. Jerving.
All Rights Reserved.

Died in Milwaukee September 3, 1991

The pain you suffered little one,
The loveless world that could not care;
Iíve grieved with you over every flogging,
I canít get them out of my mind.

Though you were unloved by the one
Who should have loved you most,
Though your mother never held you close
as the dear of her own heart,
Though your brother Ė yet unborn
     remains to endure the pains
And suffer loveless loss,
Yet I have loved you to the end
     of your life, and beyond,
Even to the end of my life.
I bore every stripe with you Ė
All sixteen months of lifeís hard
     arrows, beaten against your
     helpless brow,
And though you could not bow from it,
Not knowing how to flee the torment,
Yet consider the torment placed on me!
Iíve born your pain vicariously.
Now, Dear Demetrius, come home
     to me Ė
The One who loves you eternally,
To hold you close as love can be.


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