On My Passing By Near Winter Again

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On My Passing By Near Winter Again

Circa 1983.
Copyright © 2011 Douglas W. Jerving.
All Rights Reserved.

The leaves fall like little letters
Scattering the earth before frost;
Before snow over blankets too soon,
And the youth of the year is lost,
As days shorten down, twilight-tossed.

The autumn of our days press in:
A snow of my own years increased.
They seem as dreams, the childhood schemes
Which so certainly have deceased
Like the autumnal leaves now released.

I am happy with being left out
Of this world with all its concern.
Iíve found that my days are not haunted
By complexities they never learn,
The entanglements they finally earn.

I live on the edge of a forest
Cut down and made civilized now.
The leaves though, still silently scatter.
Iím at peace with this fall color show;
Requiem for a year at the tow;
My monody theyíll never know.


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