A Dirge Against the False Prophets

A Dirge Against the False Prophets
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A Dirge Against the False Prophets

My Question on FaceBook:

Is it not kind of strange that police departments around the country are closing down and cleaning out the Occupy Wall Street encampments just days before Halloween? What are they afraid of?

Patty Jerving response:

Werewolves and vampires.


Sheep killers (pretend sheep) and thieves (pretend shepherds).

Oh, wait! That's in the Church.

Real sheep hear the shepherd's voice. Werewolves are not given credit. Real shepherds enquire after missing sheep; they don't wait for the sheep to ask about how to reconcile. Real sheep recognize the false shepherd who cares only for his own life and not for them. They recognize the blood-suckers who prey on those who only benefit them.

It is evidence enough to the real sheep that the shepherd they were under cares only for his own promotion when the sheep have to seek after the shepherd first. When the first overture toward reconciliation comes from the ones missing from the flock, rather than from the herder in charge, evidence against the herder as a false shepherd is insurmountable. When the shepherd only responds to the lost sheep after the sheep in the thicket starts calling loud enough to affect the rest of the congregation (sheep), it is proof that his interest is only in silencing the noise against his failure to respond. "God judge between me and thee".

Oh, but wait! it is said! Such things should not be made public! How is it right to put them on FaceBook? How, I ask, is it right for you to cover the righteousness of the law of God by hiding these things from the people you say you serve? Hate me for my words. They are the truth by God's own standards. The Law of God has not changed from the old to the new covenant. The covenant is still faith unto obedience. Abusing a woman secretly in the Church is still a matter of law, and ignoring it and hoping it will go away is still a departure from God. The New Testament pattern resolves the law by taking it to the Church. But in our own times, where is the Church that believes they should exercise the law themselves rather than taking it to the court of this world? I, for one, chose to leave the law in the hands of God and His Church. But if the Church will not hear it, the matter goes unwillingly before all the Church even at risk of exposure to the world.

Unfortunately this means that if the local Church will not hear a matter, public exposure becomes the last advance in defense of the truth in the same way that the early Church counsels exposed the Church before the world. Those counsels were the social media of the time.

Face Book is a public forum! Then these things should have been corrected by the shepherd a full year before they finally had to be exposed on FaceBook. Now all your failures are on line for every one discerning enough to see, in the sheepfold and outside of it. This is not a matter of bitterness or grudging. It is a matter of truth. It is not a matter of lovingly overlooking unrepentence, but of calling out the unrepentent. Love covers a multitude of sins if they are no longer a threat. What remains unrepented remains a threat and the sheep ought to be informed of the nature of the threat.

I won't back down. What I said to the original offender I now say to his defender (the pastor). The original offender is of no consequence to me. He has been cut down by the same word I say to his defender; to the shepherd of pretense. If you do not love the Word of God enough to judge righteously then you have forsaken your calling. You are a denomination to your own self and every one who justifies you without considering our cause is like you. The Lord will smite every white-washed wall of religious politicians that choose an easy path of compromise instead of judging according to His Word.

Here are the very words spoken to the offender, to the man who's name is New Lie:

Psalm 94:16, 17. "Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? Unless the LORD had been my help, my soul had almost dwelt in silence."

Psalm 139:21, 22. "Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies."

Psalm 3:7. "Arise, O LORD; save me, O my God: for thou hast smitten all mine enemies upon the cheek bone; thou hast broken the teeth of the ungodly."

I confronted New Lie with these three passages in private, and I later made them known to the shepherd. When they would not hear, what else could I do? I followed the Biblical pattern for Church discipline set forth by Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel. But we were not given heed regarding our case. When there was no other recourse we wrote letters to the Church elders still to no avail. We sought reconciliation, but it was not found. Instead, accusations of pride and unforgiving attitudes were lodged against us. So we told it to the whole Church online, hoping that some may hear who were prevented before. Nevertheless, we spoke our case ambiguously, lest the world also read and understand, hoping to cover over the most egregious sins for the sake of the believers we knew who still had no full knowledge of these things. But again after our many attempts to set the record straight and make the Church aware, we were ignored. Not by those in the pew without full knowledge but by those who knew better. We have been separated from the Church we loved and served for years not of our own accord, despite what the leadership says, but because it is not possible to maintain fellowship where you are viewed suspiciously by those who should trust you, and should know of your commitment to Christ. How can we feel safe in a place where the shepherd maintains a view of you that is far from the truth and from the facts of the case? How do you stay where the under-current flows against you? It has been with great reluctance that we have chosen to separate ourselves and that, only because we found ourselves in a constant battle against the leadership for what we simply believed to be the truth.

Since that time, (and even before we left the Church to protect ourselves from further pain), New Lie has been given opportunities of leadership as a worship leader (which we protested openly), when instead he should have been required to sit down and learn the Word of God and make evident his commitment to Christ, and only then be given a place of leadership over the whole congregation. My prayer and hope is that the Church will see the lack of wisdom displayed in that decision, as we did immediately. In so doing he has been encouraged to act as he may chose without fear of Church discipline, and without providing a history of real repentance. I hope that those who have less knowledge of the actual case at hand will at least realize that this is not a matter of personal petty differences, but that there was a real grievance of a moral nature: the sexual abuse of a woman in the Church that was ignored and covered over by the pastor. This matter has not been seriously addressed, and the abuser has been given free leeway while the abused have been ridiculed and treated like enemies.

That is strange fire offered on the altar of God. It is Ichabod. Though the vast majority loves God, they do not realize the extent of the error committed against a dear sister who had no other recourse than to confide in her husband, fearing that even he would side against her in favor of a man who claimed to have been a longtime friend. And that was a lie used by him in an attempt to gain her confidence.

To the pastor and all the leadership who pass over these issues out of man-pleasing favoritism, and cult-like honor to a mere man; To all those who chose to disregard the testimony of a woman who has faithfully served her LORD Jesus Christ forty plus years for the testi-phony of a so-called charismatic Catholic who most of them have not known for more than two years; To all those who hear our pleas for a reconciliation that does not deny our rights to freedom of conscience based upon the Word of God, but choose instead to reject us because that is politically advantageous to the pastor;

We say without fear of reprisal, without hate or animosity, but in the same voice of all the prophets, the following:

A Dirge Against the False Shepherds

Sing songs with your new song-leader!

“Noel, Noel!” Just in time for Christmas!

Yet God will prove Low Hell
Is nye if you support
The abuse and not acknowledge
The offense against your Tamars.

David's house never was the same.
Judah retained the taint of sin
Despite the Tamar complaint
Against him and his house.

You call it restraint. It is white-wash –
Painted over.
A sin that only God Himself
Could cover.

But there are no teeth, being broken.
The lie is openly exposed.
The shepherd’s deception deposed.
The Right One sees the ruse.

So join hands with your apostate “brother”
If that is really what you choose.

The LORD will deal well
And not recuse
Himself from the place of the righteous.

This written in the age after the prophets have supposedly passed away and prior to the coming of our Lord Who will judge all things according to His Word. Written by one still certain that God speaks by His prophets today. Written this 28th day of October, year of our LORD 2011. Revised and updated December 30, 2011.

This will be published on NewEdisonGazette.com in the Poetry and Prophesy section in the next few days as a reminder that injustice cannot be covered over in the name of an unscriptural "love". - DJ.


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