Fall Song

Fall Song
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Fall Song

It's a beautiful evening.

Late fall trees still with leaves
For so late in October.

Sitting out on the porch
Composing life as I see it.
Pretending to be in love.
The wood-pecker flew twice
Landing then skirting away
From my railing perch.

He knew I was there.

Clouds high implying
No rain for a day turn gray
With nocturning sunfall.

Thirties tonight but two days
Till November and still a promise
Of weather more like September.

Days allow disinterestedness
While winter hasn't come.

Still ants and flies are gone
To burrow in their nests.
Cold aired night is paired

With vigilantes questing days
Warmer than late Autumn's moon.
Cousins consumed by frost.

No morality play.
Not a nature enticement now, just

The end of summer's love.


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