Wellspring Prayer

Wellspring Prayer
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Wellspring Prayer

Again I know
O Lord, my soul
To seek you further now
Than I did before
Still more, still more
To see your mercy flow

From all my heart
'Til as an art,
A wellspring of my life,
A daysong grace
Shone from your Face
Erasing all this strife

Of world worn fear
And tempers dear
Despite the cross, embrace
Chastisement now.
I die somehow
In you Who took my place.

Not yet revealed
Is your unfurled
Flag of Victory: King
Of kings, of prose,
The unsought Rose
Of poets, those who sang

Ancient wisdom.
Elders' Sanctum
Held above all vice
Your chesed love
Is sure enough;
Breaks through every device.

Your Covenant
Makes me constant
Because your love is true.
It changes me
To more a life like You.

My heart relents
My soul presents
My life repents anew!
My God and King.
My Lord please bring
Me daily after You.


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