Iris Lies Among the Weeds

Iris Lies Among the Weeds
Copyright © June 19,2011 by Douglas W. Jerving.

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Iris Lies Among the Weeds

Here iris lies among the weeds
Untended and not known there
The daylilies rise around her leaf
Cavorting about the love she’d share.

The virgin’s blooming hopes despair
Desire pretends to meet her there
Beside her grief of no soon bloom.
Bemantled shade, no sun is seen
To share her glory but her gloom.

Shadow hides her in her room.
A pity she in gloaming grief
Assaulted stalk her life, to brief,
Will yet some year of future soon
Betray the threats of many moon
A life replanted elsewhere swoon

And bear her flower again somewhere
Replanted in worlds of the fief
Of life intended by the thief
Of her original planting, not
Forgotten for place better hers,

That tells her beauty and relief
To live again in sunshine new
Among the brightest light and noon
Free as a kite she sails in view
Her resurrection garden fair.

Redeemed and chosen for the sun
She’ll rise’s again in glory gained
By her transplanter now attained
Her holy consecrated place
Of love in His consoling grace.

Redeemed from darkness now to sun;
No more the shadow and last place
She shines all glory in His face.

Assumption holy undefaced,
A new life in her gardener’s love
That tends her beauty from the earth
Commends her joy to heavenly mirth.
Changed from the unbecoming maid,
A betrothed woman not to fade
Eternal in his loving shade.

All glorious in Him she is made
Conception of heaven now on earth
Brought by her Savior never to grieve
The earth she left for that now known,
Her glorious Savior now her gown.


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