The Death of a Seabird We Could Have Saved

The Death of a Seabird We Could Have Saved

Copyright © May 21, 2017 by Douglas W. Jerving.

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And now to moor the lees of day
We see confined an albatross
Steadly lying in the sand
Determined, her, to toss the pay
We post to her afore she die
Of some whirlwind made of our shame
Implied and -plored spite resume.

The flight of all her's 'gainst the score
We lay a far and distant cost,
Say dim hopes, prayers on high we sigh,
With reference to some other, she,
Known if never had some plan,
To live. So pass into the sand.

I have seen so many of these birds on the beach. They eat the junk we provide and we never think twice about how dependent upon us they become. A more visual idea of this can be found in my series of photographs entitled Death Becomes Her, posted a few years ago here and on Facebook.


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