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Somewhere between the going forth the hind
Of the beast the root ran hard. “Not should be,”
Thought that poor animal, “I was following
The thing for all was worth to eat it.” Yet still
It had become an ourobouric shift,
So that the thread upon which hung the gain
Could bounce before the eyes and be gone again.

The stick which held it forward disappeared
While memories of its sweet taste drove on
The nature, animal, of the dumb beast
Until it found it could not turn around
To where at last the root it sought was bound
(Or binded hard into her final end).

From bouncing hard upon the string and stake
It found its mark hid deep inside her soul,
Or rather deep inside some other hole
The which the beast of labor could pursue
Not one iota; not one subtlety,
Delivered by the mirrors she could see
Reflecting only a world hoped to be.
The mirrors all were blind to her as she
Was before they became her guiding choice.

The surgeons saw the need was to excise
The stake and cord that was her chasen tail;
And more her head from that deep anal well
Where Ourobouris-like she alas came
Pretending that a veggie was her game
And so deeply her head up her own frame,
Deprived by her pretending of the real,
Deciding that the root was the real life
She followed as a dog chasing its tail.

The Docs all knew to late the history
Was proof enough that nothing could be done.
Brain cuttings were one thing, and they oft worked
As easy as episiotomy
Applied to mankind’s mental ‘stronomy.
But cutting out the root of self-facing
Effigies existing on end of a stalk
Just prior (it is all prior to this)
Being cast in to the eternal flame
Was all they could make heads or tails because
Their materialist denial denied it.

And thus we understand in modern sense
The definition of this term abused
Too oft by the unscientific crowd
Refers removing from the sphincter, head;
That dumb donkey brain within most all us
(The head up one’s own ass to be callous).
The operation, yet unproven be,
Considered now a carrotectomy.


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