I Dream of Her

I Dream of Her

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To Patty

The Oft-Recurring Dream

She was the girl downstairs from our flat
So young and full of life and beautiful
And somehow living above after all
So that she was the same upon a plane
Beyond what real life made sense of
When waking and dreaming became one.

I had her in my car unconsumed,
Upon my couch without fulfillment;
She was so open to me, my desire,
Thin thighs and small tits, open, bid
My desire for her sensuous flesh,
Drawing me in too taste her once again
(For I had tasted her many times before,
But now to slip upon her love anew).

I spread the blanket of her blouse
Unbuttoning and discovering
But as dreams are, never touching.
Dreams are always about desire or fear.
The one is never fulfilled because
Sleep is catatonic bliss, while fear
Is just paralysis.

For she was she who Id had many times
Before loved and would want some more
Whether in dreams or in certain fact
I want her now more than in the act.

The Woman at the Window

In dream she appears a dark haired love
Of my past challenging her eponomy.
The two are the same, and I undress
The small breasts of her nemesis
But never have her though they are
The same girl thirty years previous
And same years from then now.
No, not the elder lady looking down
Upon my tryst with her own younger self.
She is the girl I married who still longs
For me as I for her. They are one.

The Woman in Our Bed

At night when she is unaware in sleep
I look upon her and see the dream;
Her thighs are the same woman.
Her hair and breasts are that ones whom I love.
The dream and her are one the same.
I love no one else and my desire
Is for the same woman old or young
That I have loved awake or dreamed
With satisfaction my life long.


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