Internettum Ad Hominem

Internettum Ad Hominem

Copyright © February 26, 2015 by Douglas W. Jerving.

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The riot dies down when words held
In peace against their own abuse,
Are spurned unspoken broken spells
Interned unlearned against the muse.

So call me what you now desire:
A poet with no prophet’s edge,
Or prophet out of his attire
Of brimstone, hate and godly fire
Like Jonah against Ninevah.

Despite his flight though no less mine
Still stalled for peace against the day
Of horrific death, not as Messiah,
Seeking the quiet as their pariah
That they might perish in the fray.

Still God has made us all to pray
With pity not to imprecate
Judgment upon the reprobate
But mercy shall certainly shine
And His righteousness to obey
Ahead and ever more His law
On Earth and Heaven so ordained.

Fearful, lying, unbelievers,
All have nothing more to say
When silent lambs, receivers,
Tell of His grace on judgment day.


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