The Love of Heaven

The Love of Heaven

Copyright © February 5, 2017 by Douglas W. Jerving.

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The Love of Heaven:

If I were the sky
I would run like the wind
From the near end of heaven
To the dark of the moon,

Then all the young trees
Would follow my lead,
Stand up in the morning
And fade to the seas;

Throw all their gold colors
To earthward and sleep
In the fast passing clouds
After dawn dips to deep.

Then snowflakes would follow
Them down to the dusk
Of the season to rest
‘til I woke them from rust.

The moon and the stars
Shall remind them again
On the far side of March
That the seasons must end.

Hot Summer would follow
As dawn the Moon’s nod
And always be with you
Fulfilling my plot.

Abide song forever,
Wind, leaves, day, all change;
Bright glow of the morning,
The blistered golds fade.

The trees silhouette
The coming of night
Their patterns announcing,
My love, the next light.

The Pain of Earth:

I bid you come near
You can only die
And with me rise many
Years bye and bye
Life everlasting
Or swallowed in dirt
Made from your own sky.


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