The Fear of the Lord Prophecy

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The Fear of the Lord Prophecy

Copyright © January 11, 2015 by Douglas W. Jerving.

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Islam is in the throes of death right now. We are possibly on the verge of seeing a massive conversion of Muslims to Christ as a result of their revulsion against the violence of these radicals in their midst. It is not long before a longing for peace and truth will overcome the hatred. As Christians we must pray and work daily to overcome this evil, even at the expense of our lives, knowing that God is in control, and they will soon come to acknowledge Him Who died for them as well as for us all.

I am not a prophet, as Amos was not a prophet, but I do believe I have the mind of the Lord telling you this.

Ten years before the German wall was dismantled God told me that Germany was going to be re-united. No-one would have believed my word at that time. I spoke that word to one man - the German evangelist Klaus Kuegler, who was at that time a missionary to the Irian Jayan Fayu people. I spoke that word to him at Charismatic Faith Assembly pastored by Gary Eide in Milwaukee, WI, my home church at that time. (He took my word with a grain of salt. Lots of people prophesy things and most of them are baseless.) It was not something revealed to him, still he did not reject that word despite the fact that I was no one he knew personally.

I reference the above because it validates the authority of my word, despite the fact that I deny any authority as a prophet, as did Amos so deny. I hope that no one will take what I say as if it were from a leader or teacher, for I am neither, but only as a “sheep-herder” like Amos (or as the machine technician that I am).

God will soon cut off Allah from the love of his children and turn Egypt and her children to His own. The false prophet that ruled the middle history will be regarded a failure by his own people, and they will rejoice in the grace of the Living One. The kingdom shall return to the Lord of all the armies of the earth, for they belong to Him already. Israel shall prosper but not as you expect, O Israel, since you are still learning who you are, and you are the City of the Great King. No weapon against my Kingdom shall prosper, and I am still teaching you this despite your unbelief. For despite it I still believe in you and am making you glorious in the Glory of your Lord.

And this mystery you should already understand, despite your waxed ears, that My Church, My Ecclesia, My Synagogue, My Temple and Bride are One, with the eyes of the dove upon her Beloved.

A word in season to the unbelieving
That your behaving is unbecoming
And I am coming with fire and grievance
Upon your desire against my law.
I will castrate you and cut you off
Who have not circumcised your hearts;
You who have used my people
to your own advantage;
You insurers of life by covenants
with death,
And you sorcerers who lie to my people
That fashion and fame is the evidence of glory.
I will circumcise you,
I will baptize you if you will heed my word,
Or I will cut you off as false ministers
if you will not.

You do not know the day or hour
of my judgment,
but it will be swift.

I am bringing in those you never expected.
I will make them fear me
as once they feared their false gods;
As once they feared allah,
So they will soon disciple the nations
baptizing them in my Name.
My glory will be in the midst of them.

Israel (O Synagogue of God’s own heart,
And Called Out from the nations you are),
You shall know that I have redeemed
the Gentiles for my sake;
The burdensome people of the land
shall see the favor of the Lord
upon their enemies,
and shall be jealous.

Then I will turn the heart of Judah
And the desire of David back to me
before grace returns in fullness
upon the earth.
The whole land of Israel
and the whole of the nations
shall serve me in fear and in love.

The fear of the Lord shall perform it.


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