The Final Blood Moon

Hagee Blood Moons

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The Final Blood Moon
"It’s the End of the World as We Know It."

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I am writing this at 4:29 am CST, September 27, 2015.

In 17 hours and 20 minutes (minus the time it takes to finish writing this) the world will have come to an end. The final blood moon will have arisen as a sure and certain proof that the apocalypse is upon us or at least upon them (since we will be in heaven smugly snickering at all those unbelievers).

It will end the same way it ended in 1988 when Edgar Whisenant published his little book 88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be in 1988. It will end just like it did a decade before that when the Stupider – ah, excuse me, The Jupiter Effect predicted our demise. The only difference between those two apocalyptic visions was that the former was religious and the latter secular. That didn’t prevent well meaning but naïve Christians from latching on to them both with a “See? See?” retort against their critics.

"Get ready! Set! Go!" This is the end again (and again, and again.) This is it!

At last we know we are right about the timing, because we are able to coordinate the astronomical data with that which was predicted by the ancient prophets.

I hope you realize I am speaking tongue in cheek. It should be obvious that the Final Blood Moon theories (there are several; John Hagee may be the most prominent proponent, but he is only the latest) are based on religious and secular “evidences” about as full of holes as Whisenant’s 88 Reasons and the Jupiter Effect had been before them. SSDD: Same Stupidity; Different Day. The rudely insane part of the Blood Moon doctrine is that it manages to combine them – the religious and the secular into one. Many writers more capable than me have exposed their errors. Read them.

Two thousand years from now this nonsense may be the equivalent of the early Christian Pseudepigraphas. It will only shed light on the quaint cultural adumbrations loosely associated with our times. It will certainly be recognized as the imaginative flights of those who were not seriously connected to the documentary evidences left by the Apostles of the first century who wrote the New Testament.

The Apocalypse! Armageddon! The rise of the Islamic/Jewish/ European Antichrist! The Rapture! (The Churchs’ Get Out of Jail Free card). The slaughter of billions of Jews! (Do not Pass Go; Do Not Collect $200.)

Oh, come on, there has to be something to get you folks to take out second, third and fourth mortgages on your homes and stand on hills waiting for the Second Coming!

Maybe, just maybe, Christians will at last realize that their end-time prophets are only in it for the money and that nothing they teach really has any Biblical foundation. They are paying you off to buy their books.

Maybe, just maybe, it is time to toss the whole premillenial apocalyptic and re-evaluate the historic postmillenial teachings that have been the heart of Biblical theology from the Apostles to the present.

Of course, if I am wrong (I’m not) I’ll see you tomorrow during the Rapture. Or maybe as we are all lined up for the mark of the Beast!

En Christo!


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