The End of the World

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The End of the World

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Conversation recorded at the end of the world:

"We need the space contractor running this weekend. Make it happen."

"It can't run continuously because we do not have parts in stock to replace the broken pin. A number 6 or equivalent mm bolt of the same length will do, but is not in stock."

"Steal it from the proto-confab system. We are not running that."

"The part is similar but it is a mushroom press on both sides and will not work. We could try a cotter pin of near equivalence, but it will only last a day. We need parts."


"Cotter pin is sloppy. We get cantering in the main plate which creates a torque error every third revolution. There is nothing else in stock."

"This is unacceptable. We need this to run."

"Maybe you should have bought the replacement parts before the death star decided this weekend was going to be the date for space expansion!"

“Oh Shite! And the main robot is on vacation and no one answers the phone from Venus.”

Phfffft…ttt. Bing. Bang. And the world ends because there is no more toilet tissue.


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