A Question


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A Question

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I like what a FB friend recently said. To paraphrase: Hello FB friends! What are we pissed off about today?

I understand. That seems to be what this is all about to often. It is called social networking; a place for people to come together, help and support and love one another. In a very real sense, FB is a secular version of Church.

Unfortunately, like going to church, FB and other social media, have devolved into a forum for politely (or not) expressing grievances, whether real or pretended.

Here is a conundrum (a question that makes you think twice before you answer):

Why is my employer more concerned about what I say about others than my Church is? Turning that around, why am I as a member of Christ's church, more concerned with what my employer thinks than what Christ thinks?

I realize that these questions are rather gelatinous. They don't completely meet in the middle. They are not fully aggregate to one another. It is not the same as "all A is not non-A" logically speaking.

Apart from the logical side issues, why is it okay to criticize a brother or sister or a friend or foe without evidence in church (or even FB) if it is not okay in business? Has the governing of a business somehow taken precedence over the government of the church?

Or has the Church forsaken its' God-ordained right to govern, allowing other institutions to suborn its' inherent rights?

Should not the Church be the first portal of rights and responsibilities, and all other institutions should be subject to it as the Church should be to Christ?

I think the Biblical answer is a Yes and Amen.

But I am just saying a lot of things here in advance of thinking about them more deeply. I have not answered these questions fully to my own satisfaction.

I may pursue this further.

Or I may just drop it.


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