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Facebook Funnies

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From O, (my atheist friend), on Facebook:
Johannes factotum gluing dodo feathers on a rocking horse, thinking he created Pegasus.
Beati , qui nesciunt, quoniam ipsorum est regnum caelorum.

My Notes:
I have never studied Latin, although I can make a fair guess at what she is trying to tell me. What I arrive at is based on one hour of research based on my limited understanding of French and Spanish, both which are Latin based languages. Oh, and some research time on line.

Johannes – John, like John Doe, anonymous Mr. Anybody.
Factotum – general laborer, not a very important person.
Thus, near equivalent to John Q. Laborer, the common man who does not know much more than how to make a basic living. John Doe.

Beati – Saints, wealthy, rich. Adjective, or verb.
Qui – Who, what, that, which. Pronoun.
Nesciunt – ignorant, not understand. Verb from nescio. Nesciunt is the 3rd person plural active indicative of nescio. Thus Qui nesciunt is approximately “Those who are ignorant” or “those who are continually ignorant”.

So far, I read:
Common man….
Rich! Those who are continually ignorant….
Saints, who are continually ignorant….

Quoniam – since. Conjunction.
They are ignorant since (because)….

Ipsorum – from ipse, himself. Genitive masc plural pronoun. Thus: they, themselves.
Rich! Those who are continually ignorant since they….

Est – is, are.

Regnum – royal, power, king, kingdom, power, control, kingship, royalty. Noun, Adj.

Caelorum – genitive plural of caelum, which is the sky, heaven, the heavens. Caelum from cavus – hollow, like cave. My note: a possible derivative would be ass-hole).

Thus my interpretation without knowing Latin:

John Factory Worker….
Saints who are continually ignorant because they [think they] are heaven’s royalty.

Or maybe closer by derivation:

John Factory Worker….
Saints who are continually ignorant because they are royal asses.

My poem from 1993 in response:

Fan Fare

The common man knows
How to plant his rows
With straight furrows

Or to not step on
Someone else’s toes;
How to clean his nose
Without using
     somebody else’s finger.

Of course, my atheist friend responds by denouncing my interpretation as ignorant and correcting it to something quite innocuous. Nevertheless, I think I got pretty far along for one hour of studying Latin!


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