Sketches, Drawings and Scraps by Doug Jerving

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Boston in Blue Burka Bots cloud castle

Darwin Geritol Goats Beard

Holiday on Ice study Middle East Nike Site

Nude study 3 Nude study 11 Nude study 21

Old Hat and Gloves On the Beach Op Bop Ouroborous Pop study 4

Patty Reading Sanguine scraps 1

scraps 2 scraps 3 scraps 5

scraps 6 scraps 41 scraps 43

scraps 51 scraps 61 scraps 62

Self Portrait in Rear View Mirror Sleeping Beauty Still

Still 2 Street Punks study the shnoz

The Trap Tom the Pirate Tree studies 1

Tree studies 2 Tree studies 3 Tree studies 4

Twirl Yo

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