Tares and Wild Hairs


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Tares and Wild Hairs

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You know when you got that hair that keeps poking you? A "wild hair"? You keep poking it back, feathering it over, try to change its' style, but nothing seems to work.

You have been gentle with it because it means to cause you pain if you are not gentle. You hope that you can nurture its' sense of guilt as if it had a conscience. But it keeps poking you because that is what a wild hair does by nature.

Eventually, you grab it tight and yank hard and your eyes water and the rest of your face explodes in revulsion, and then slowly, the nerve centers settle back down and you no longer have any trouble. All you have is a wild hair between your thumb and fore-finger that no longer makes you feel like a teenager staring at a blackboard hoping he won't be called on. The rest of your body finally relaxes into the flow of just being a body, and quits worrying about the nerve center reactions that keep distracting it from getting on about life.

That is what church discipline is about when it is applied to a member of the body of Christ who refuses to conform to the Word of God and who, continually, even after much correction, insists on pestering the rest of the body of Christ.

Eventually they have to be removed for the good of the rest of the body.


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