Earth Science and Art


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Earth Science and Art

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Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Wax and Ink. Apparently these are not the elements of which the universe is made. At least not always the last two.

At work we date-print corrugated boxes containing our product before shipping. I salvaged some of the ink we were disposing to see what I could do with it. (You know, typical artist, always trying to come up with some new thing.) It works okay on paper with a hake brush, although it is weak and transparent. It is not a quality artist's ink, but is fair enough for play-time.

I figured it was worthy of a bit more experimentation. You know, kind of like Icarus, the hero of Greek mythology who flew to near the sun with wax wings. Bad science always assumes that what is good for the goose is also good for the guy jumping off a cliff with goose wings.

The ink appeared to be water-soluble so I tried it with my acrylic paint on canvas. Unless it is painted extremely thin, it does not dry well. I have a black turd that used to be a still life. Egg plants and peppers never died a more horrible death. They were suddenly the vegetable version of the Walking Dead.

Two days later my hands still look like a bad Al Jolson imitation.

It was just experimental anyway, so no loss. And I did have fun. Put this in the category of crap that won't sell even after I am dead.

At least Icarus got a sun tan!


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