Occupy "Mall" Street

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Occupy "Mall" Street

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A recent post I found on Facebook.com complained “I feel like a zombie. Just had McDonald's to temporarily conclude the TDay shopping for a nap...then at it again in the morning!!”

Paraphrasing my response to this person, (who I know personally, and am well aware of his commitment to Christ), I replied “You are far from that. Zombies don’t sleep, they only shuffle their way to the next brain-food. The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) zombie-wanna-be’s are droids. They parrot the existentialist anarchy BS (Built-in Socialism) that they have been programmed to regurgitate. They are like a computer virus.

The most political horror movie of all time might be Dawn of the Dead produced by George S Romero in 1978 (his sequel to the 1968 Night of the Living Dead). Anyone who is interested in the cultural background motivating the OWS faction in our country should see these two movies, or at least see the second one. The anti-social, anti-free-market and anti-Christ attitudes portrayed in Romero's two most significant films are exactly the kind of philosophical treadmills to nowhere that inspire the OWS. You will also get a glimpse if you pay close attention, at the real view of liberals concerning minorities. Upwardly mobile African-Americans, despite every attempt to succeed, still become fodder for the White man’s cannons. Women are still no more than housemaids doing the cooking for men. I guess the GLBT community was not yet on the radar back in 1978.

What exactly is the Occupy Wall Street movement about? This is not a dumb question, since it appears many in the major news media are strangling their own wrists trying to figure it out themselves. I guess, when you have no cohesive agenda it becomes even harder to find adherents to your philosophy, even from those most likely to support you. After all, even the brain-dead should have some definable agenda. The movement by now is a few months old. Their earliest demonstrations reveal a fascination with Romero-esque zombie portrayals. This is clear from the costumes seen on the demonstrators. Apparently the OWS has no real political or social statement to make that is definable except as an extension of the Theatre of the Absurd. They are equivalent to the characters in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. In Beckett’s play, once their messiah (?) arrives (he never really does) it is as an amanuensis channeling nonsense through the character of Lucky. The OWS movement would be lucky to have at least one character so capable!

Dawn of the Dead was a film explicitly based upon the socialist concepts of class warfare, greed, and envy, and a sensual desire to have all the goodies a free market provides without having to earn them. In essence, it was a glorification of theft, covetousness, and the murder of anyone opposing the "righteousness" of Marxist redistribution of wealth. Anyone wanting to really understand OWS should watch DOTD. It is available on Netflix. You might also take the time to read or see an enactment of Waiting for Godot.

The Occupy “Mall” Street zombies and their living protagonists in DOTD both come to a less than satisfying end because both are driven by the same anti-biblical motivations: greed, covetousness, and selfish ambition. As Christians, we understand that such attitudes are in direct opposition to the Bible, and are ultimately doomed to failure. DOTD ends on that note of the failure of the culture. It portrays the failings of a materialistic greed-oriented society without offering any alternative that may lead to the hope of redemption. In such a culture, a return to Biblical standards is the only real hope. Of course, Romero does not offer this, because he has fully absorbed the anti-christ hopelessness of anarchy, socialism and despair. In response, Christian faithful, we have the Light of the world!


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