Live Free or Occupy Wall Street

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Live Free or Occupy Wall Street

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According to the LA Times website many Americans don’t really know much about the Occupy Wall Street movement. Most have not bothered their pretty little heads about it, and others have read the official press releases without reading between the lines to see what sort of ideological framework actually supports the OWS. If you don’t yet know what Occupy Wall Street is about take a look at some of its unofficial supporters.

First we have the Ayatollah of Iran, who has no problem with the total subversion of his nation’s culture by Islamist extremism and who recently has been implicated in the attempted bombing of a restaurant in the US frequented by one of his political opponents from Saudi Arabia. Referring to our government, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said "They may crack down on this movement but cannot uproot it… Ultimately, it will grow so that it will bring down the capitalist system and the West." Clearly, it is more than a suspected anti-Islamic attitude that Iran’s leaders fear and hate; it is our “capitalism” which they see as a threat to their despotic theocracy. Clearly, that is why they hate the Saudis as well. Why do they give implicit support to a group that is not Islamist unless they hope to use the OWS to promote their own totalitarian agenda? (Just asking!)

Second, there is Lech Walesa, the “reformer” of the Polish communist party who remains to this day a political opportunist and an avowed communist, and who has somehow weaseled his way into the spotlight as a Messianic figure. Put a dress on him and shave the Stalinist moustache and you would have Mother Theresa with an AK-47 tucked under her robes. Walesa is christened an “anti-communist” by the press, and he plays up that roll as well as Samuel L. Jackson portrayed a Bible-quoting contract killer in Pulp Fiction. In the article quoted above you will see that his argument was with “Soviet communism” and that should be enough of an indicator that socialism is still his pet. Walesa may have renounced his Soviet communist underpinnings because of political expediency, but he remains a “fellow traveler” along the road to totalist domination. Again, we have to wonder why Walesa as a so-called “anti-communist” is so interested in promoting a movement who’s goals are destructive of the free market? A socialist by any other name is still a socialist (or Marxist, Communist, Progressivist, Keynesian, Liberationist, et al.)

These questions should be enough for most Americans, Republican, or Democrat, or Independent to reconsider the goals of the OWS. There are plenty of other evidences of the OWSs’ political lean against the American free market system, but these are a good place to start. These are first proofs of their real agenda and reason enough to disavow them as a movement not in favor of our Constitutional guarantees of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That last goal implies freedom of conscience: the freedom to live your life as you believe rather than as the state or the rule of others determine for you.

“Live free or die.” Only a free market and a free mind can do that. Anything less is totalitarian statism brought to you courtesy of the blinded minds of the useful idiots of totalitarianism like the OWS. Their goals may pretend total freedom of the individual, but their failed ideology ultimately leads to the gulags. Their own families pay the price of the 24 caliber bullet that totalitarianism lodges in their heads. Again, I say,

“Live free or die.”


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