Anarchy, Satanism and Democracy

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Anarchy, Satanism and Democracy

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By now the images of youthful looking blood-gorged zombies cavorting the streets of New York have been viewed by everyone surfing the internet. Unless all you are looking for is porn you have at least stumbled upon “Occupy Wall Street” images in the past few weeks (excepting your possible kink for dead men and women walking, talking, and generally looking smarter than the brain-dead idiots that they are in real life). One of the most intriguing pictures I have seen to date I found at my local talk-radio station’s site.

In case this image is no longer available on that site by the time you read this, it is one of the commercially available pics from Getty Images. Since I do not have commercial licencing priviledges to the image, here is its location on their site. Click on image number 127939474 from the list.

First, I wonder how the idea of Zombies somehow became so closely associated with the leftist leaning, socialist, Marxist, and anarchist movements in the last few years. This is obviously a subject for another article (which for me means that I have begun reviewing this idea, but am not yet ready to say anything definitively. I hope to touch on this in a future article.)

Zombies are an outgrowth of modern fears of science, modernism, and commercialism. They are equated with a general malaise of modernist social phenomena and more particularly with a fear of changes in society that are not predetermined. In other words, zombie fear is a reaction against the potential consequences of productive change from the status quo to something that may be better, but may be far worse. It is a fear of a threat that society may inadvertently devolve into chaos. Paradoxically, zombie fear hopes against whatever potentially better thing capitalism may produce because it may also create even greater dangers than capitalism offers as hope. Strangely, I am writing this by candlelight due to loss of what productive society could give me by electric light right now, and soon my computer will shut down. I’m working in the dark except for battery power!

The Zombie culture sees themselves as the offspring of the commercial and right-wing political agendas that they now criticize. They are, in their opinions, the results of capitalist/bourgeois society now returned from the dead to devour its parent. This is Zombieism taken to political heights, which was no more than implied previously. Like all Zombies, they are intent on consuming the living and productive among us until there is no more flesh for their own existence. That is the essence of anarchism and nihilism: destroy all that is productive, all that generates new life and health in a society, merely for the sake of destruction. Destruction (or de-construction) is the goal, and this is the basis of all anarchy.

It is interesting to read or listen to the white-collar socialist ginga Harrison Schultz, without face-paint, but still wearing a [clown] suit and tie justifying the idiots in this brigand of morphidites. He is a sociologist by trade, and so the suit and tie are stock features for his genre. Still, Shultz, an Occupying Wall Street organizer, admits that the movement he is at the front of is about socialism and revolution, not reformation. See here.

In Schultz own words, “This is the beginning of a revolution in this country.” Then he says that “a lot of the people here are in fact anarchists, are in fact revolutionaries…”

Next, I question their real commitment to the Revolution they propose.

The stock image that this article revolves around is my case in point. Look closer at the sign on the left in the image and you will see the confusion of ideologies in their own ranks. That sign says


I see trouble in their ranks! “They” don’t even know what they believe, and this poster is a proof of that. The facts of history are against them, but they do not even realize it. History bears out the proof that democracy and disorganization go hand in hand. History is the only evidence we need to know for certain that democracy is short-lived and always comes to a violent bloody end. History is all we need to realize that the anarchist factions behind democratization are the first ones to be guillotined (as in the French Revolution) or shot in the back of the head and kicked into a common grave.

Anarchy, and its correspondent rejection of the laws of God written on the hearts of all men, always ends in misery. Death is its compatriot. Zombies, pretend or otherwise, always die anyway, however much they seek life by sucking it from the lives of the morally or socially productive. They produce nothing on their own. That is the essence of Satanic religion: to rob the life and productivity of the good and the productive, so that they can feed off of them for a short time and both fall into the grave together.


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