That Day in July that We All Like

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That Day in July that We All Like

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There should be a law against laws that tell you you can't blow things up (so long as it is your own property and doesn't hurt other peoples' property or kids). If I am stupid enough to burn down your house with a mortar fired from my front yard than I owe you. If your kid is in your back yard and you are stupid enough not to train him in the proper use of fire-arms (which bottle rockets and black-cats are, whether you like it or not), when he blows off a finger or two, that's your dumb fault. I don't need the government to chastise me with the error of your ways. I don't need a multiplicity of laws to correct me just because you are stupid.

For 200+ years Americans have taught their children how to handle firearms with little negative repercussion. Only since our government has usurped the paternal role of training in warfare and hunting, have we had a generation of children who know nothing about guns, and how to handle firearms safely. It seems that as soon as you insert the national government into anything of consequence, the result is failure.

Two hundred years ago every teenager knew how to handle a gun. He would never have bragged to his friends about it's safety features while pointing it at his head and pulling the trigger. (A recent news report I read).

So maybe in a time when the government has denied us the freedom to learn how to handle guns effectively we should understand why so many people don't. We don't know what to do with guns, (or fireworks on the fourth of July) because we have been taught to not know how to handle them. They have been made a part of the class that rules us, because they know how to use them. But we commoners do not know. We are the unenlightened ones. Why allow firearms to the fiefs? They may rise up against their oppressors!

Like every American, I like to blow things up. It may be nothing more than a firecracker on the fourth of July. It may be a wish to make a glass housing project out of Iran (nukes can do that!) Thinking these things does not make them reality, nor does it mean we wish such judgment on our enemies. It just means that we hope to see the justification of our way of life.

So on this fourth of July I hope to blow up a few things very insignificant, but still symbolic. A bottle rocket. A blackcat. Maybe even light a punk. Little stuff. But all of it is a symbol of our determination to overthrow the enemies that seek to overthrow us.

Every blackcat and bottlerocket is evidence of the American will to defeat those who oppose the American way. Light up America! Show your enemies your force. The force of life against their attitude of death.


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